The Town of Falher, a Franco-Albertain community was named after Father Constant Falher, o.m.i., the first parish priest who arrived in the area in August of 1912.  He was accompanied by a group of twelve settlers from the Province of Qu├ębec who established their roots in this area.  Having cleared the land and planted subsistence crops, those early settlers were soon able to consider outside markets for their produce.  In 1913, Archbishop Grouard organized the St. Jean-Baptiste Mission at a location situated approximately 3 miles south of the present townsite.  With the advent of the railway, the mission was abondoned and the new parish of Ste. Anne was established along the railway.

Falher became a hamlet in 1919 and was later incorporated as a village in 1929.  The village continued to grow at a steady pace until it achieved Town status in 1955.


The first Falher Church at the St. Jean-Baptiste Mission is now a Registered Historical Site.  It was restored to its original appearance and is open for public viewing.


In 1920 a beautiful parish church was constructed, where for 40 years parishoners profited from the use of this building for worship and community activities.  On April 30, 1962 disaster struck and a fire destroyed most of the church and unfortunately it had to be completely demolished.  The loss of this landmark altered the appearance of the Town, and Falher began a new era with a brand new church at the present location.



History of the Colonie St. Jean Baptiste de Falher

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