Delegation Procedures


A person or a representative of any delegation or group of persons who wish to bring any matter to the attention of council, or wish to have any matter considered by council shall address a letter or other written communication to the council outlining the subject to be discussed. 

The letter shall be signed by the correct name of the writer; the address of the writer, and delivered or mailed to the CAO. 

The letter must arrive before 1:00 p.m. on a business day at least three (3) business days immediately preceding the meeting at which it is to be presented.  If the person wishes to appear before council on the matter it shall be stated in the letter.

Delegations will be allowed fifteen (15) minutes for presentation and discussion.  At the Mayor's discretion, an extension may be given to this time limit.

Delegations shall speak only on the matters which they have submitted to Council and which have been included on the agenda.

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